Can you hear the value in our performances?

Last weekend, we played two magnificent performances – maybe just the best ever for the Greenville Concert Band. If you weren’t there, I’m sorry you missed them – the people who heard us were, I think, very glad they came out and made time in their weekends for our concerts. I’m pretty sure of that, judging by their comments, applause, and just by the smiles on their faces as we played. And just think – we didn’t charge them anything for coming. That’s our policy, not because we don’t think we’re worth $10 or $12 or $15 a ticket, but because we know how hard it is to pull in a good audience even with free performances, when there are so many things competing for your attention.

Compare our approach to that of the Greenville Little Theatre, an institution in the Upstate for almost 100 years. My wife and I went to their fine performance of “Wait Until Dark” last night. Each seat cost us about $30. And they were worth it … I know it’s expensive to stage a production like that, and my hat’s off to them for keeping it going year after year. The cast was excellent, and the evening was memorable. More memorable than our concerts? Not really.

Here’s the thing: we operate on as thin a budget as humanly possible. Most of our expenses are borne by donations from within and covered by in-kind gifts of time, effort, equipment and merchandise. And we’ve been doing it over forty years. We can only keep it up with your help. If you heard us last weekend and thought, like I did, that this band is an immeasurable asset to our community, why not make a donation to recognize the true worth of our program to you, your family, and the friends you’re telling about what you heard? What would you be willing to pay if we charged admission? Think about it, and then do something about it! Our donations page is up and running – why not now?

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