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If you are an adult with prior experience playing a wind or percussion instrument, whether it was in grade school, college, professionally, or with other community bands, you're probably qualified to play in the Greenville Concert Band. Send us a note on our contact page if you're interested, and we will let you know your next steps.

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We depend on charitable donations to continue to deliver free concerts to the Greenville community. Your donations are tax-deductible. See our Supporters page to get started.

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Music for a Lifetime

You can do sports and have a lot of great benefits like better health, camaraderie, team-building, ... and maybe even earn something at it if you're really lucky. But sooner or later, your body will tell you it's time to stop.

Not so if you're a musician - you can keep playing as soon as you graduate, all your professional life, and well into retirement. That's where the Greenville Concert Band comes in. We are made up of a great mixture of professional musicians, retired professional musicians, teachers, instrument techs, engineers, librarians, and just about anyone who fell in love with instrumental music in school and wanted a place to keep doing it with other like-minded folks.

Refresh your inner creative drive, and give us a try! Or if you don't want to join us on the stage, please give us a listen at one of our free concerts!