Friends of the GCB
Donations received between 5/19/2023 and 5/16/2024

Festival ($2500 and above)

The Elbert W. Rogers Foundation

Symphony ($1000 to $2499)

Betty Tyson
James And Judy Oakman
Lance and Margaret Hafer
Mike and Nancy Criss
Musical Innovations

Concerto ($500 to $999)

Andrew Balent
Joe Yanick
Joy O’Conner
Michael and Cathy Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Sturgis
Richard Nelson
Stokes & Company, CPAs
Wallace and Glenda McMurray

Overture ($250 to $499)

Betty Milligan
Carrie Burgess
Climate Right Heating & Cooling
Guthrie and Carol Gullion
Jean Winter
Laura Bradshaw-Day
Michelle Rockafellow
Panda Express
Timothy Turner

Sonata ($100 to $249)

Charan and Tommy Lee
Cherice Dakosta
Dan and Jamie Turner
David and Paula Zitzman
Davis Audiology
Dean Millare
Earl Loveless
Fred Hall
H Thomas and Anne Civilette
Iain Kinnon
Jane Meredith
Jim and Betty McIntosh
Jim and Laureen Copeland
Karen Parks
Kathrin Albinski
Kerry Deese
Larry Kramer
Marshall and Virginia Clarke
Michael McGarry Sr.
Roxanne Ashkenasy
Simpsonville Arts Center
Stan and Diane Morris
Stanley Widener
Steve Wilson
T. Donaldson
Tammy Than
Teresa Rushing
Thomas Scott
Timothy McFall

Minuet ($50 to $99)

Gary Williams
Jane Montero
Jean Cook
Laura Putman
Lisa Panosian
Lois Moosey
Peter Notarfrancesco
Ruth Morrow
Suzette Wood
Walter Clark
Wayde and Eva Ekberg

Etude ($25 to $49)

Connie Bachert
Darrin French
David Holiday
Diana Duckworth
Elena Lee
Karen Frederick
Larry Sherman
Maida Margalit
Tom Wheeler

We depend on your donations to continue offering free concerts to the public. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization.

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While this may seem old-fashioned, if you simply mail us a check, or donate by check at one of our concerts, we receive all of the funds you write to us, and avoid the overhead and security risks of e-commerce. Our mailing address is shown below.

Contact if you need a receipt for your donations for tax purposes.

Here's a way you can encourage the next generation of band musicians: donate an old instrument that you don't need. The Music Club of Greenville will arrange for your instrument to be refurbished and put into the hands of a beginning school musician who can't afford to buy their own instrument. We accept donated instruments at our concerts (ask for Stanley Widener), or you can contact The Music Club of Greenville directly.