Band rehearsals resumed on September 17th. Although there are still virus cases being reported in Greenville County, other community music groups are reopening or have reopened. We have a plan in place based on the research that was done this summer in wind instrument performance and the virus, and we believe that by following the protocols, all will be well! 
LOCATION: White Oak Baptist Church gym [1805 Wade Hampton Blvd, Greenville]
  • The gym is located behind the church, across White Oak Drive, next to a large parking lot.
  • Enter the building: woodwinds enter the door closest to the parking lot. Brass enter the door around the corner on the end of building toward Hwy 291. Percussion enter the door by parking lot. [There is a reason. Ask me if you are curious.] d
TIME: 7:00-9:00 pm. Please arrive early in order to go through the necessary screening.
  • Wear your mask to enter and exit rehearsal.
  • Get a rehearsal mask from the Mask Table. We have designed masks for use while playing. These are part of the recommended health protocol for instrumental ensembles.
  • Pick up a bell cover for your instrument. These are part of our mitigation procedure.
  • Remember to maintain distancing at all times in building!
MUSIC: You should have already received the music for the first concert set. If you have not, or if you were unable to print your part, please let me know immediately. Bring your music with you to rehearsal. [We will no longer distribute originals.] A folder will be provided to you for your music.
STANDS: Bring your own music stand. If you need a stand to use, contact (Richard Nelson) immediately.
SEATING: Your name will be on your chair. Look for it when you arrive, please. All seating will be socially distanced at 6 feet.
POST REHEARSAL: Each player must wipe down and rack their chair as a service to the church and GCB. Anti-viral spray, paper towels, disposable latex gloves and disposal bag will be provided to each section’s leader:
  • Flute/oboe: Carri Burgess
  • Clarinet: Bob Chest
  • Sax/low reeds: Iain Kinnon
  • Trumpet/horn: Ed Flower
  • Trombone/Euph/Tuba: Dave Zitzman
  • Percussion: Richard Nelson
I would suggest that you bring your own water bottle…I think this covers it. Questions? Please ask.  This is a great band—well balanced with great players! I am honored to be the director! You all are awesome!
Dan Turner