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It’s May … and time for Artisphere

Artisphere is less than a week away. I always look forward to this event as a chance to enjoy downtown Greenville with an abundance of amazing, talented people and their creations accentuating the already-beautiful setting. Greenville is blessed and lucky to be able to host this art celebration that draws the best talent from near and far.

It wouldn’t be possible without an abundance of volunteer help. Volunteers do everything from taking money and serving refreshments to watching artists’ booths when they need a break, or even checking in other volunteers. And it’s a great way to expand your summer wardrobe. For me, volunteering has been a great way to get a closer look at the artists’ work, and get to know some of them just a little bit. I like being a “booth-sitter” – although sometimes the temptation to pretend to be the artist wakes up the prankster in me!

It’s easy to sign up to be an Artisphere volunteer, and you’ll get a great-looking T-shirt like these as a benefit. Better yet, you can support your favorite local arts organization by selecting them to receive the credit for your hours worked. After the event is over, they will then get a portion of some generous grant funds based on the hours credited. Of course, I’d like you to support my organization, the Greenville Concert Band – but the choice is yours. But really, the main reasons to volunteer are:

  • You love Greenville
  • You love great art
  • You love people-watching

Pick your job and shift at this easy-to-use website:


I’ll see you there!

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